Sulin Project

SulinOS installation media

Look at stable SulinOS ISO Files.

You can write to your usb memory with Etcher

SulinOS iso images are iso9096 format. You can use legacy and uefi bootloader. SulinOS iso images may have bug. If you find any bug, you must open issue on gitlab. SulinOS is rolling operating system so do not have fixed version number. Please prefer latest iso images.

SulinOS iso images creating with grub-mkrescue command and uses gpt partition table. If your devine not support booting on gpt partition table (for example old legacy bios), You should trying to write iso image with unetbootin.
Note: Live username is "user" and password is "live"

SulinOS docker images

SulinOS have docker images that you can found on belown link.

Sulin Docker

Stable ISO images

GNOME ISO (stable)

SulinOS GNOME (stable)

Download GNOME Desktop environment without systemd.

Our reason with Gnome Iso is creating an Gnome Desktop environment without using systemd service manager. We are compiled GNOME with using libelogind and stabilized it without using any additional patch. Try and live the Gnome life.

Xfce ISO (stable)
SulinOS Xfce

SulinOS Xfce (stable)

Download XFCE Desktop environment without systemd.

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly.

Beta ISO images

KDE ISO (beta)

SulinOS KDE (beta)

Test KDE ISO comes with QT-Designer and Base application.

Our reason with KDE Iso is creating a `Minimal` and user-friendly environment for QT-Developers and also end-users. There are additional 200 packages in our Repository under desktop.kde component. We just add frameworks and plasma environment with important additional applications to create a clean environment. Just Enjoy With it :)

Pantheon ISO (beta)
SulinOS Pantheon

SulinOS Pantheon (beta)

Test Pantheon Desktop environment without systemd.

Pantheon is ElementaryOS's Desktop Environment. We succeed to compile it with libelogind and created an iso with use libelogind and openrc. It's totally useful for users